Like everywhere also in Andalusia all kinds of interesting things happen every day, such as fiestas and festivals, culinary gatherings, processions, special exhibitions, but there's also news on the housing market or changed regulations. To make it easy for you, we bundle some interesting articles in this section so that you have everything at a glance.


Poster for Carnival in Malaga in February 2024

Spain is a country with a well-known Catholic tradition of which Semana Santa preceding Easter is the most important. But first, people have to fast for 47 days, which is why they have been celebrating for over 500 years before Lent begins. Some with a bit more abandon than others.

Most Andalusian cities organise a parade, there is dancing through the streets, they elect a Carnival queen or king and there are various singing competitions. Most cities start celebrating Carnival with parades on the weekend before Shrove Tuesday which is exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday. Some villages celebrate carnival on the weekend two or even three weekends later. In Andalusia, they consider the Carnival of Cadiz to be the most impressive and authentic but most recently in Málaga they really know how to celebrate it.

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With chilly sunshine here in Andalusia, Christmas and the New Year are slowly creeping up on us.
We wish you all the best for 2024 and thank you for choosing Second Home Andalusia.

markt Periana 1

La Axarquía offers a wide range of lively markets. We already wrote a blog about the region's daily markets some time ago. A fun market to visit is the one in Viñuela, which takes place every first and third Sunday of the month on the roundabout, just when you enter the village. This mercadillo brings together local creatives and artists to display their creations, from handmade jewellery and pottery to textiles and paintings. It is the perfect place to buy authentic Andalusian souvenirs and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the region.

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Flamenco Kleid aufgenommen auf einer Feria

The summer atmosphere in southern Spain is enhanced every year by the cheerful and lively festivals the region has to offer. One of the most exuberant and traditional celebrations is the Feria, a series of holidays and weeks that take place all over Andalusia. Here we discuss those of Málaga city and some in the villages of La Axarquía.

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Terrace of the restaurant Finca Elements near Comares

Like many people, we love watching programmes like 'A place in the sun'. For some time, we had been following Madelon and Marc, who bought a dilapidated olive oil-cum-mill in the hills between Riogordo and Comares. It was their shared dream to transform these old buildings into an authentic boutique hotel where, as they put it themselves, you 'escape and come home at the same time': Finca Elements.  

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