Terrace with seating area under shade with barbecue area

Unbelievable that we have been living here for almost 1.5 years! That our sons speak Spanish like real Andalusians. That we still wear our winter coats at 20 degrees and have lunch at 2.30pm.

It all started in 2021. I fell in love. That summer, together with my boyfriend and our two sons, we were on holiday with Martin and Aletta, who ran Casa Lobera at the time. And I didn't want to leave. The place, the landscape, the nature, the food....Everything here felt more like home than the one I knew in the Netherlands. A serious case of love at first sight.

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Casa Alazuytun in the campo of Canillas de Aceituno with Maroma in the background

How come you are now living here in Sunny Andalusia after a career in a very dynamic and international environment.

"We have worked in the film and advertising industry for 25 years, I used to work as a Line Producer for commercials, featured films and TV series all around the world. A very interesting and glamorous work, but also very stressful and demanding. One of the advantages of being freelancers was that we have taken long breaks after each project, and one of thoses breaks - a very long one! - was one year back to nature in New Zealand. Do you know by the way the antipodes of New Zealand is Canillas de Aceituno? I discovered it recently. Coincidence? Who knows...

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 Tanger Park

One of my favourite destinations in the world is definitely Morocco. I had been there a few times, but last year I really wanted to make the crossing by boat. In fact, I ended up making the crossing 3 times in 2023, so I liked it that much ;-)

It was in the summer of 2022 that I saw acquaintances passing by on Instagram, it had not occurred to me before. They were doing a day trip from Málaga to Algeciras to take the boat to Tangier Med. After communications back and forth, they gave me the tip to definitely not make the crossing from this place, but from Tarifa. No sooner said than done. 

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Illuminations in Malaga Christmas angels in the main street

Sitting on my terrace enjoying the lovely November sunshine and a pleasant temperature of 22 degrees, Christmas seems a long way off, but nothing could be further from the truth as the various villages and towns in the Axarquia, especially the city of Málaga, prepare to celebrate Christmas and the end-of-year festivities. After New Year's Day, however, the festivities are not over because Epiphany, 6 January, is an important public holiday here.

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