Like everywhere also in Andalusia all kinds of interesting things happen every day, such as fiestas and festivals, culinary gatherings, processions, special exhibitions, but there's also news on the housing market or changed regulations. To make it easy for you, we bundle some interesting articles in this section so that you have everything at a glance.


 Poster Madinat Balish Vélez Málaga Walking Tour

On Saturday 10 September, Asociación Sharq-Alandalus will organise a walk through Vélez-Málaga past the city's medieval monuments. The walk starts at 10:00 and takes about 2.5 hours from Plaza de la Constitución.

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Airshow in Torre del Mar

The 7th edition of the Festival Aéreo Internacional Torre del Mar will take place during the weekend of 9 until 11 September. A major event for this seaside resort; during the last, postponed, edition in 2021, no less than 230,000 people came to watch.  

During this air show you can enjoy classic planes, helicopter stunts, unique formations and acrobatic actions of fighter jets, among other things. The main show is on Sunday, 11 September but every day there is something to see from the beach of Torre del Mar. 

Feria in Malaga with traditional horse-drawn carts

You will come across Feria in many places in Spain. Literally, feria means funfair, but it is more than that. It is a kind of annual market and in many cases, this spectacle lasts a whole week. From Saturday 13 August to Saturday 20 August, the annual Feria de Málaga takes place. For example, there are bullfights, fairground attractions, horse and carriage rides, various flamenco performances and casetas (tents) selling tapas and drinks in the streets.

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During the Nigth of the Wine in the white village of Competa, Andalusia

The wine village of La Axarquía is Cómpeta. The wine production of this village is not only nationally, but also internationally famous. Here you will find bodega Almijara, the most famous wine house of this place. The most important festival in Cómpeta is El Noche del Vino (Night of the Wine), which takes place annually on 15 August. It is a great opportunity to visit this mountain village at that time. The first time this celebration was held was in 1973 as a farewell to those who left the village to go and harvest grapes in the countryside. The workers would not return until the harvest of grapes and sultanas was complete, which could take several months.

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Poster vom Flamenco Festival des Juan Breva in Velez-Malaga, August 2022

Juan Breva was the stage name of Antonio Ortega Escalona, born in Vélez Málaga in 1844. He was not a gypsy (payo or gitano) and did not like the style that was in fashion  in his younger days. He sang with a more polished voice, which made him easier to understand and he became the most popular singer of the time and put the Malagueña movement within Flamenco music on the map.

He became famous, earned a lot of money and even visited the king often. But, as is not unusual for a Flamenco artist, his last years were sad and without performances, and he died, penniless, in June 1918 as 'el rey del cante malagueño', the king of Malagueña music. Fortunately, his name and legacy were honoured again in later years. A statue of him was erected in 1970, and since 1976 the annual flamenco festival in Vélez Málaga has been named after him.

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