Like everywhere also in Andalusia all kinds of interesting things happen every day, such as fiestas and festivals, culinary gatherings, processions, special exhibitions, but there's also news on the housing market or changed regulations. To make it easy for you, we bundle some interesting articles in this section so that you have everything at a glance.


Logo Gestoria Segura from the province in Malaga

As in your home country, one of the important things  to arrange before signing the purchase contract is home contents insurance. Gestoria Segura from Torrox is one of the partners we work with for this kind of business. We asked Arend van de Groep what to look out for when taking out such home insurance. You can read the whole interview on our website.  

Second Home Andalusia works with several reliable partners to offer their clients a total package of services when buying a house in southern Spain. You have already helped our clients take out home insurance, what are the main differences in these insurances here in Spain compared to those in, say, the Netherlands or the UK?   

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Photo collage of the Flamenco Club el Niño de Vélez Málaga

We are big fans of the peña el Niño de Vélez, a flamenco club and school where special performances are organized a few months of the year. It is always a great musical experience because it is intimate (max there are about 60/70 visitors) and very intense. The artists give their all and at the end, visitors often get up to dance or clap along , indeed, it is hard to stay in your seat ! 
The Axarquía region has always played an important role in the world of flamenco. It has great flamenco festivals and peñas (flamenco clubs) and nurtures young talent. Great artists were born and raised in this region of Andalusia, such as Juan Breva, Niño de Vélez, Antonio de Canillas, Gitanillo de Vélez, Niño Chaparro, Rocio Molina and many others.  

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Portrait of Lex Luria lawyer Ignacio Escobar-Stemma

One of our partners we enjoy working with is Lex Iuris Solicitors. We recently asked Ignacio some questions about their take on the legal side when buying a house.

Second Home Andalusia works with several reliable companies to offer their clients a total package of services when buying a house in southern Spain. What can you do for these clients?
"There are a lot of things but in summary, we offer full legal advice and guide them through the whole process to purchase a property in the South of Spain. We obviously do due diligence on the property and once it is done, we explain the legal status of it as there are many different situations that the purchaser needs to be aware of. Especially in rustic land, there are a lot of different legal situations that could have a bearing on a buyer's decision to purchase a property or indeed on the price they are willing to pay. (for example, if they have AFO or not, what kind of license they have, etc…).

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Foto van Columbo en een Spaanse banner

Día de la Hispanidad commemorates Columbus' discovery of 'the new world' America under the Spanish flag on 12 October 1492. This day is not only celebrated in Spain, but in a total of 27 countries on 5 different continents.   
Dia de la Hispanidad, also known as Columbus Day, has different names in the different Spanish-speaking countries. In Latin America, the day is called Día de la Raza (Day of the Race), and in Spain the celebration has officially been called Fiesta Nacional de España since 1987.  

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Foto von Martin und Sandra von WeCare Mortgages in Spain

One of our partners that we enjoy working with is WeCare Mortgages. We recently asked Martin and Sandra some questions about their view of the Spanish finance market. 

Second Home Andalusia works with several reliable partners in order to offer their clients a total package of services when buying a house in Southern Spain. What can you do for their clients? 
We can calculate what the mortgage possibilities are by carrying out our feasibility test, the Hypotheek Check. With this test the client finds out what the maximum mortgage amount is and the corresponding costs and monthly charges. Once a property has been found, we take care of the entire mortgage application, all in English. 

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