"WE'VE GOT IT! Villa Amores" shouted Jan van der Marel, March 2022, through the phone just as we were sitting in a watery sun on the beach of Noordwijk and sighed; 'Wonder when 'they' call :-). Three days later, we were at Málaga airport back to Amsterdam when, just before checking in, we heard that the house was ours. Yes, things can go fast with 'them' and 'they'; this is Jan and Marita from Second Home Andalusia in Canillas de Aceituno.

We already knew Jan and Marita from Amsterdam through mutual friends, a smart and empathetic couple who had moved to Spain after a successful career in publishing in Amsterdam.  There, they were slowly drawn into the real estate business following the knowledge they had gained while searching for their own home. With their Dutch no-nonsense mentality, drive, entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional knowledge of the local market, together with their English partners Malcolm and Caroline, they now ,very successfully, run a company which is becoming an ever-growing point of contact for people looking to acquire a house in the Axarquía.   

Portrait of Irene and Lex, the home buyersHowever, it is mainly their personal attention and taste that we really liked and when Jan shouts 'we have it and I'm in love', you know it's a hit! Even when the house was covered in orange sahara sand on arrival, we immediately understood what Jan had fallen in love with....our house!  
Getting a packet of sugar around the corner in Amsterdam is more difficult than having Second Home Andalusia guide the whole buying process. Of course you can try to do everything or understand as much as possible yourself but Jan and Marita never betrayed our trust by taking over the whole process for us, explaining it clearly and handling it without any problems! In addition, we were also able to immediately place all the activities with Martin for the support we need for the rental of our house.   
If you want a house in this region you can send Jan, Marita and Martin for a message..."Jan, ¿no te olvidarás de ese paquete de azúcar de la tienda? :-)"  
Okay a review is obviously not complete if it does not also include a critical note: Beware! You'll have two friends in no time! Dear readers if you would like to experience first what it is like to have a house in this beautiful area, you can always rent Villa Amores for a week or so! Jan and Marita know where our house is:-)  

Lex and Irene

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We have no shop window or many properties for sale on this website because we believe in personal attention & tailor-made offers; therefore we always work on a specific request basis. From experience we know that buying a home in Spain is different than in your own country, therefore we make every effort to make it run as smoothly as possible.